'Hulk' Mark Ruffalo On Fear Of Getting Thrown Out Of Marvel: "I Never Belonged Here..."
‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo On Fear Of Getting Thrown Out Of Marvel: “I Never Belonged Here…”(Pic credit – Mark Ruffalo/ Instagram; Movie Still )

We all love the incredible Hulk of Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Mark Ruffalo replaced Edward Norton as the giant green superhero in 2012, some people were doubtful about him. However, when The Avengers released at that time, everyone loved his portrayal of Dr Bruce Banner and his alter ego.


As MCU doesn’t have rights to the superhero character, Mark could never get a standalone movie. But he played a great supporting role in movies like The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. However, no one knows if Ruffalo will be there in any project of MCU’s Phase 4.


But do you know Mark Ruffalo lives with the fear of bring thrown out from Marvel? The actor who plays the scary and angry Hulk fear this for an amusing reason. The revelation was made by the Begin Again actor himself.

In an interaction with The Direct, Mark Ruffalo aka Hulk said, “Yeah. Every time I’m whining like, ‘God damn, how long are we waiting for the set up?’. I’m like, ‘Hey, Remember you’re not even supposed to be here’. I just remember to be grateful because I still can’t believe it. “

The Avengers actor added, “I still keep thinking, ‘They’re going to throw me out of the club. I never belonged here in the first place and they’re all going to find out’.”

Well, we all know Marvel can never throw out Mark Ruffalo. Remember, he had given away a huge spoiler from Avengers: Infinity War during the promotions? The studio didn’t fire him despite all the rumours that made headlines back then.

Meanwhile, after Endgame, fans are hoping Ruffalo’s Hulk appears in Disney+ Marvel series, She-Hulk. Actress Tatiana Maslany will portray Dr Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters in the series. The Thor: Ragnarok actor had welcome Tatiana in the MCU family when it was revealed that she’s playing She-Hulk.

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