Chad Stahelski Talks About Henry Cavill Starrer Highlander
Henry Cavill Will Be Leading Highlander Created By Chad Stahelski ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

What will we get to see Henry Cavill in next is a question almost everyone worldwide is asking, even if many of them are not his fans. The controversies and conversations around the star have left everyone curious about what will mark his next appearance on the screen. His kitty is full of announced projects in the making, and one such that has been in n a very adolescent stage for a long time is the Highlander adaptation. John Wick director Chad Stahelski now talks about the same revealing a surprising update.

If you are new to this party, it was a while back when Chad has announced he was working on the Highlander movie with Henry Cavill in the lead. The fans have been excited for the same ever since and waiting for either the filmmaker or the actor to reveal stuff. It turns out there is a good news and bad one, but is it really bad? Let’s find out.



Chad Stahelski, who is right now basking in the glory of John Wick: Chapter 4, was recently asked as to what is happening on the Highlander movie front that was supposed to star Henry Cavill. The filmmaker has revealed how it will be a show now, and there is so much to explore. Read on to know more.

Chad Stahelski, in conversation with Deadline, revealed how there is so much history to Highlander that it is impossible to explore it in just two hours. He says that now with a lengthier medium, he can explore and adapt the world with Henry Cavill in a more nuanced manner.

“I’ve worked on Highlander for years now, for Henry Cavill. Being retroactive is hard. What’s different between Wick and that? With Wick, you weren’t serving seven seasons of TV plus two spinoffs plus five films. If I were to do a remake of Highlander right now, you’d expect a lot of mythology in those first two hours; you couldn’t explore stuff without it. Now, Highlander as a TV show now would be amazing. You’d have time to build it out, see all those flashbacks and the potential of it. It’s trickier when you’re trying to do something with that big of a mythology. But I agree, that would be one to take a really big stab at. Here, we just had the opportunity to really learn as we went on with Wick,” Chad Stahelski said.

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