Robert Downey Jr’s Allegedly Chewed Gum Is On Auction For A Whopping Amount
Robert Downey Jr’s Chewing Gum Was Found On Jon Favreau’s Star On Walk Of Fame ( Photo Credit – Movie Still)

Over the years since 2008, when the foundation stone for the Marvel Cinematic Universe was laid, Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has made a widespread fanbase for himself. The actor defined three phases of the MCU and was the father figure of the team that defeated Thanos, which of course, Tony taking the final blow to kill the supervillain. Everything about Robert makes news just for his stint as the legendary superhero. But ever thought a chewing gum chewed by him would make it to eBay?

In the latest edition of ‘yet another thing internet can have,’ someone has listed a chewing gum allegedly chewed the juice out of by Downey Jr on eBay for a staggering price. The person who has listed even has a detailed description of where he found the gum, and it has something to do with his director and co-star, Jon Favreau.



Yes, the gum collector, found the chewed gum on Jon Favreau’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. It was on the day the star was launched, Robert Downey Jr had planted his chewing gum as to give him a real feeling of achieving a star on the walk of fame. The person was around, and he chose to take home the gum. Read on to know more.

As per We Got This Covered, the said person has listed Robert Downey Jr’s chewed gum on eBay for a whopping amount. He expects the buyer to pay $40,000 for the same, which is INR 32,91,592 only. Almost 3.3 Million for a chewed gum, just because it probably has Robert’s saliva on it?

Well, the description given by the seller reads, “Hello! I happened to be in the area during the event, which had famous actor and producer Jon Favreau being added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the event, Robert Downey Jr himself put his gum on the Star and presumably left it there, which I was able to snag. I’m selling it in the same condition I got it in, and it can be tested for his DNA. Will be shipped with tracked shipping and contained in a plastic container.”

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