Loyal Fans Of Keanu Reeves Came To His Rescue After A Report Revealed He Spoke Only 380 Words In The Movie
A New Report Reveals Keanu Reeves Spoke Only 380 Words In His Latest Action-Packed ‘John Wick 4’ ( Photo Credit – Movie Poster )

John Wick fans around the world are going gaga over the fourth part of the franchise that again starred everyone’s favourite Keanu Reeves in the lead role. While ardent movie lovers went berserk over the stunning action sequences, a few others noticed how Keanu spoke very less in the movie.

Keeping in mind the same, a new report revealed the number of words the 58-year-old actor actually spoke in John Wick: Chapter 4 that left the Internet quite amused. The actor’s loyal fans quickly stormed to Twitter to defend him as the report went viral in no time. Read on to know the details.

A report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) revealed that Keanu Reeves only spoke 380 words throughout the film which runs up to 169 minutes. The most common phrase said by the Hollywood star in the film was “Yeah” whereas, Keanu’s longest dialogue was with co-star Hiroyuki Sanada, where the former says, “You and I left a good life behind a long time ago, my friend.” The report in WSJ revealed, “In the first installment, clocking in at 101 minutes, Mr. Reeves said a total of 484 words. With a run time of 169 minutes, the fourth movie pushes three hours but features just 380 words by Wick.”

The report further stated, “About 10% of them are featured in the movie’s trailer, which makes the hero seem almost chatty; Wick says more in that 2.5 minute clip than he does in the first 25 minutes of the movie itself.”

John Wick 4 director Chad Stahelski shed light on why Keanu Reeves did not have a lot of dialogue in the movie. He asserted, “Mr. Reeves stripped out roughly half the dialogue written for his character in the initial script.”

Social media fans were quick to react to the report where many saying it did not matter if Keanu had less words in the action-packed film. One fan stated, “Just saying… Keanu can say NOTHING for three hours and I will still watch it. “Whereas, another posted, “I guess he threw in the months of fight training and stunt work for free!

An individual quipped, “I think he was also being paid for the nonverbal parts” as another stated, “Maybe he doesn’t say much but for somebody who’s in his mid 50’s, he does ALL of his own stunts and fights and has been consistently incredibly physical with his action. The man deserves that check.”

One user added, “True, but that man can pack volumes of meaning into a pause” as another tweeted, “Actions speak louder than words.” Echoing similar sentiments, one asserted, “We do not see this movie from the profundity of the dialogues.” The next one concluded, “A punch is worth a thousand words.” For the unversed, John Wick 4 made a global debut with a whopping $137.5 million.

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