Henry Cavill's Exit As Superman Made DC Follow MCU Steps?
After Henry Cavill Left The Role Of Superman, Is DC Following Footsteps Of Marvel’s ‘Tom Holland’ Spider-Man Route? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The world of superhero fandom is yet to get over Henry Cavill leaving the cape of Superman. On the other hand, the new DC Co-CEO, James Gunn, is finding a younger character to play Clark Kent as he envisions bringing a younger version of Superman to the DCU. Many are calling it to be the same movie as MCU did by bringing Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Do you really think DC is following the pattern of Marvel movies?!

There were many rumoured casts for the new Superman movie. However, none of them has been confirmed so far by the production and James Gunn. As it is being directed by Gunn, many are speculating it to be on a lighter humour tone.

With little knowledge about the new project, the new Superman: Legacy’s Clark Kent is expected to be in his “early to mid-twenties”, unlike Henry Cavill’s Superman. However, this was not the fate he deserved. During a recent conversation on The Hot Mic podcast with John Rocha, industry insider Jeff Sneider forecasted that the new actor would be around ”22-26 years old.”

By the time of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man introduction within the MCU, the actor ranged from the same age group. “The one note that agencies have right now for Superman is ‘young, young, young.’ So I am now expecting Superman, the actor who’s going to be playing him, to be in his early to mid-twenties. That’s my new forecast: 22-26 years old,” added industry insider Jeff Sneider.

The report also adds Henry Cavill’s Superman replacement is being eyed as a “young farm boy type”. Later, Jeff Sneider adds, “They’re really looking for, as the model here, as you might expect, is a young Chris Pratt type. A young farm boy type. And it’s OK for him to have that body that he’s kind of going to have to grow into a little.”

Since there has been no further update about the replacement of Henry Cavill’s Superman, DC Studios and James Gunn are planning to surprise audiences with ‘Superman: Legacy’ scheduled to release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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