Christopher Nolan Once Shared How Heath Ledger Always Had ‘Makeup On His Fingers & Under His Fingernails’ For His Role Of The Joker
Christopher Nolan Once Shared How Heath Ledger Always Had ‘Makeup On His Fingers & Under His Fingernails’ For His Role Of The Joker ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia; IMDb )

Heath Ledger was one of the greatest actors of his time who graced the silver screen and made his roles iconic- the most memorable being The Joker from Christopher Nolan’s 2008 The Dark Knight. Heath posthumously won an Oscar for this role, which still sends goosebumps down the spine. Heath was very particular about everything and went to great lengths to ace his character. In an interview, Nolan revealed how Heath did his makeup for The Joker, spilling never-before-heard details. Scroll down to know it all.

Apart from The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger was also known for his roles in Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I Hate About You. The actor was also nominated for Best Actor Academy Award for his role in Brokeback Mountain.

Speaking of The Joker’s makeup, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Christopher Nolan once shared, “One thing Heath wanted to do was to apply makeup himself. As an actor, he said, ‘Ok, this character would put his own makeup on in real life, so what would that look like if I just got the makeup.” Nolan further stated, “The thing that stuck from that was that he always had makeup on his fingers and under his fingernails, and everything else he would have was from putting it on just with his hands.”

The Oppenheimer director, in a different interview, opened up about Heath Ledger doing screen tests for his role before he started filming the actual performance. “During the hair and makeup tests, we let him [Heath Ledger] perform. We let him talk, we let him walk around,” said Nolan.

The award-winning filmmaker added, “We didn’t record any sound, but we let him inhabit the character and use it as a bit of a test to just sort of do it and use it in front of a few people and start to feel what that would be and move around.”

For the unversed, Heath Ledger isolated himself for weeks prior to filming The Dark Knight in order to get into the mind of someone like The Joker. He also maintained a sinister journal which included a lot of drawings, and scribbles.

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