Top Reasons Why Gong Yoo Starrer Goblin Was Controversial In Korea
Did You Know Gong Yoo Starrer Goblin Was Very Controversial In Korea? Here’s Why (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Korean drama Goblin enjoys a cult classic status among K-fanatics. Ensembling a stellar cast including Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, and Yoo In Na, the drama is known for its epic love story between a Goblin and a commoner who overcome every obstacle to be together. But did you know this uberly popular romantic saga plagued too many controversies in Korea?

Korean dramas are known for amping up the thrill quotient by introducing supernatural characters, particularly from their folklore, to the audience. From Gumiho to Goblins and Mermaids to Aliens, some of our favourite K-dramas – for the most part, relied on their supernatural elements. Koreans also love to trace back their past, establishing connections from generations ago, and a recent example of the same can be seen in the ongoing drama ‘Destined With You’ in which the leading lady is suffering the wrath of a 300-year-old generational curse. While many may find it odd, those who have been following Korean dramas for a while now were not surprised.

Based on Korean folklore about dokkaebi, Gong Yoo is a warrior who was impaled on a sword centuries ago and has transformed into an immortal with endless wealth in Goblin. Kim Go Eun is our damsel in distress who is motherless and lives with her relatives. The drama establishes a unique connection between the two leads as the female lead – who goes to a high school, can simply summon the Goblin by blowing out flames. In between blowing out flames and calling him Ahjussi (uncle), she falls in love with Goblin and this exact part was not received well by Korean netizens. The love story between an 800+ years old Goblin and a high schooler by no means made sense, leaving viewers highly disappointed who also complained how the drama milked on the Cinderella stereotype where a woman needs the saving of a wealthy man.

Another reason why Goblin triggered the negative limelight was excessive brand promotions throughout the show. At one point, the makers were not even keeping it subtle and showed the male lead and his brother grabbing food from the same eatery for weeks, and boasting how it served the perfect food for the soul. While Korean dramas are not new to house promotional activities, there was too much going on in Goblin that just did not sit well with the users.

However, it is noteworthy that despite the outcry, Goblin went on to score the highest rating in the history of K-dramas, and is still hailed as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

You can watch Goblin on Netflix.

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