Fast X Director Explains About John Cena’s Death In Movie
Fast X Director Recalls Sharing The News Of (Spoiler) Death In The Movie ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

Fast and Furious movies are known for the bond between family and the crew as they take down the opponent together. While the recently released Fast X movie has one of the most terrifying villains of all time, the reviews are in favour of Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes. However, being one-third of the conclusion trilogy, the movie did have a death scene of our beloved character that we did not want to see so early as he was introduced in the last movie. Can you guess who it could be? We bet “You can’t see him”

The audience was expecting the death of any character but did not release it until he sacrificed himself for the family. Reacting to the film’s controversial demise of a fan favourite and his own role in crafting it, the director explains his character’s ending. Read on, as the story ahead contains spoilers.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the Fast X director discussed about the ultimate sacrifice by John Cena’s Jacob as he saved Little B, the son of Dominic Toretto, in the car chase scene. Louis Leterrier took responsibility as he came up with the idea following his turn as an antagonist in the previous Fast and Furious film. The actor was upset upon hearing the news, the director later explained, “I’m like, ‘That man can be a badass but cannot be a bad guy. There’s no mean bone in his body.”

In the final action scene of Fast X, Momoa’s Dante tries to kidnap and kill Little Brian. In the ensuing chase, Dom’s brother Jakob sacrifices himself to save them from Dante’s men as they both were in a difficult situation. The director revealed Cena’s reaction to the news as he had to convince the actor that it was the right decision for the character.

He added, “I said to John, ‘You will have to sacrifice yourself to give the ultimate gift to your brother to save his son,’ and it upset him.” Let us know what you think about it, and for more stories, stay tuned to

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