Lily Collins: My Dog Is More Famous Than Me
Lily Collins: My Dog Is More Famous Than Me ( Photo Credit – Lily Collins / Instagram )

Actress Lily Collins filmed the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ on the streets of the French capital, but onlookers were often more interested in her dog Redford.

Speaking on the ‘Happy Sad Confused’ podcast, Lily – who is married to filmmaker Charlie McDowell – revealed: “Sometimes when I didn’t get recognised in Paris shooting the show, Redford would still get recognised.

“It was wild. Charlie would be walking him along one of the bridges and people would be like ‘Ah! Is that Redford?’ And we were always like ‘Oh my god, what?’ It was really wild.”, Lily Collins said.

Lily Collins loves her dog and thinks they can really help to lift people when they’re feeling low, reports

The ‘Windfall‘ star explained: “A gorgeous dog or a cute dog or just a personality-filled dog, it never doesn’t brighten your day in some way.

“People are always looking for reasons to smile, and I feel like that’s just the perfect reason. Especially if you’re just walking your dog, people will stop and say something.”

She shared that her husband is the one who mainly runs Redford’s Instagram account, even though he was initially opposed to the idea.

Asked about the account and who is responsible for running it, Lily Collins said: “That would be Charlie.”

“We kind of do it together, but it’s so funny because at the beginning he was like, ‘Our dog is not going to have socials.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I know’. And then all of a sudden Charlie is the one doing it!”

“I was like, ‘You totally have to eat your words’. We both are doing it now, but it’s really a Charlie-led production.”, Lily Collins concluded.

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