Emilia Clarke’s MCU Future Revealed?
Emilia Clarke Debuted As G’iah In Secret Invasion ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The MCU has seen multiple new characters entering the world of superheroes fighting the Multiverse war at the moment. But one can say that the most intriguing entry in a setup that was supremely criticized by the audience and critics unanimously was that of Emilia Clarke as G’iah in Secret Invasion. She entered the show as Talos’ daughter, who was a part of the Skrull revolution, only to oppose the same and end up becoming the Super Skrull. There is now an update on her future.

For the unversed, by the end of the finale episode of Secret Invasion, we saw G’iah gaining the superpowers of multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes and showcasing them one at a time in a battle with Gravik. So now she technically is a one-man army, a super Skrull, who is more powerful than many of the characters in the universe.

While there have been no updates on her future in the MCU ever since, we were aware that she will have something to do in the near future, considering the MI6 boss Sonya (Olivia Colman) hired her. Now as per the latest gossip making rounds, she has a future that makes her a very pivotal character in the timeline. Read on to know more about this most exciting update of the day.

According to the Scooper My Time To Shine Hello, G’iah has a bigger future in the MCU than we thought and will lead a British-based group of superheroes in the future. And they even add that it will be sooner than we expect. The post on X read, “She’ll be back sooner than you think. Getting to lead her own group of British based superheroes.”

While all of this is still a rumor, if G’iah manages to have the character arc that is being rumored here, she will be leading a team that probably features Britannia, Kelpie, The Choir, Snakes, Bulldog, and a modern-day incarnation of Union Jack. Another pivotal character in the comic with a similar trajectory was Captain Britain, who also led a team like this. Only time can tell what the future holds for the Secret Invasion star. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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