Ed Sheeran Hints Comeback
Ed Sheeran Hints Of Making A Comeback (Photo Credit – Ed Sheeran/Getty)

Singer Ed Sheeran has been on a break for a while, and it seems like he is ready to release his new music soon.

The 29-year-old became a father in August when he welcomed his daughter Lyra Antarctic with wife Cherry Seaborn. He announced that he would be stepping back from performing last year, in order to focus on his family life.



Ed Sheeran recently took to social media to respond to speculations that he is set to make a comeback, reports dailymail.co.uk.

It all started with a fan account sharing theories about the singer’s next album. It read: “Okay so here are my thoughts about subtract and Ed coming back:

“One big question is whether Ed’s 18-month break started at the end of the divide tour or when he posted the note.

“If it’s August 2019, it’s very plausible that Ed’ll be back on Christmas Eve, ’cause we all know that that’s when he posted his note last year. I, however, feel like it’s highly unlikely that the 18 months started at the end of the divide tour.

“I first of all think that it’s too early for Ed to come back. Like he hasn’t even been able to travel that much bcs of the rona and Lyra was only born about 4 months ago, so I reckon that he wants to spend some more time with her and Cherry.

“Stuart (Camp, his manager) said in the podcast that subtract is probably gonna come out around August 2021. If they’re still planning on releasing it then, I just see no point in Ed already coming back in December yk.

“If his break started after his note, it would normally end in June 2021. This just makes way more sense to me: he comes back in June with the lead single(s), release maybe one or two more singles in July (and August) and then puts out subtract in August.

“This is obviously just a theory, but yeah I personally think he (sadly enough) won’t be back this Christmas. That’s no reason not to celebrate or look forward to that day tho cause like, IN A WEEK WE’LL LITERALLY HAVE SURVIVED A WHOLE YEAR WITHOUT OUR FLUFFY BEAN LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT?

“I NEVER THOUGHT ID MAKE IT BUT YAY HERE WE ALL ARE IM SO PROUD OF US!! There’s still a chance that he actually will come back next week, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,” concluded the post.

Sheeran wrote: “All very valid questions, but you’ll know at least one answer soon.”

He also posted: “lurky lurka and it’s very soon.”

In August 2019, Sheeran announced that he would be taking a break to spend time with his wife, following the end of his “Divide” tour.

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