Mr. Olympia 2020: Hadi Choopan Was A Deserving One For 3rd Spot Instead Of Phil Heath?
Mr. Olympia 2020: Not Phil Heath But Hadi Choopan Was A Deserving One For The 3rd Place? (Photo Crediy: Instagram/Hadi Choopan & Phil Heath)

Yesterday, we saw Big Ramy conquering Mr. Olympia 2020 title and People’s Champ award too. After so many years, the event turned out to be really an exciting and entertaining one. Even though Phil Heath didn’t achieve his goal of winning his 8th one, his comeback did create a lot of hype for the competition. It was really great to see Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan and others competing on the same stage alongside Ramy and Heath.

Everyone put up their good physique and the show was really a treat for all bodybuilding fans. Thankfully, Hadi’s VISA got approved (although at the very last moment) and interest level spiked by a huge extent. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a much-hyped body of Roelly Winklaar, as he got contracted with COVID- 19. On the whole, the event fulfilled our expectations, but one thing received a mixed reception, which was Hadi being placed at 4th.



To be honest, Hadi Choopan looked as impressive as last year if not great. Yes, he didn’t show major improvements as compared to last year but his physique grabbed eyeballs, all thanks to the conditioning and muscle maturity. He had striations on his hamstring muscle and chest muscle. Speaking of his mid-section, his obliques and abs were clearly visible and were much tighter, separated than that of others.

Yes, all of us would agree that on the overall basis, Big Ramy and Brandon Curry surpassed Hadi Choopan’s body but not Phil Heath. It might sound a bit harsh for Phil’s fans but the reality is, he looked off when compared to Hadi. No doubt, Phil is a complete bodybuilder but his midsection wasn’t clearly visible in some of the poses. Also, The Gift wasn’t able to hold his pose for long. So, by analysing all factors, one can easily say that Hadi deserved the 3rd spot. Phil did show improvements when compared to 2018, but again his midsection problem was quite noticeable.

So, sorry Phil fans but Hadi was way better than The Gift and deserved his 3rd spot.

For those who are unversed, Ramy became 16th Mr. Olympia champion in the history by defeating Brandon Curry.

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