Mr. Olympia 2020: Big Ramy Is The Winner
Mr. Olympia 2020: Big Ramy Is The Champ (Photo Credit – Instagram / Big Ramy )

And the D-day is here! Mr. Olympia 2020 winner has been declared and we have got our new champ in the form of Big Ramy. As per pre-judging, we saw how he single-handedly destroyed the line up that included Phil Heath, Hadi Choopan, Brandon Curry and others.


Speaking of the winner first, Ramy dominated just like yesterday. Fortunately, he maintained his fullness and sharpness and tanning was a bit better than yesterday. Thanks to his lead of pre-judging, the big guy handsomely smashed other competitors. Overall, he had become the 16th winner in the history of the competition. Congratulations buddy!


Now comes Brandon Curry. The defending champ grabbed the second spot and he too looked a bit better than yesterday. With Big Ramy and Phil Heath in the game, there was a slight chance of him conquering Mr. Olympia 2020. But on a positive side, he did better as he moved ahead of Phil.

Phil Heath aka the gift won at 3rd place. Unfortunately, his dream of winning the 8th title remains a dream. He showed a better physique from 2018’s blunder but wasn’t extraordinary to outdo Big Ramy and Brandon Curry at Mr. Olympia 2020. If he decides to compete next year, he has serious work to do on his breath and posing control.

Hadi Choopan who was a in a limelight due to his VISA’s issues, has made it at a fourth spot. He looked good for the competition, but for his bad luck, others brought their best on the stage. Nonetheless, he brought good conditioning, muscle maturity and detailing. Better luck next time people’s champ!

Congratulations to all!

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