Big Ramy Journey
The Fascinating Journey Of Ramy ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Big Ramy )

Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay aka Big Ramy has tasted big success in a really short period. He made his pro-bodybuilding debut in 2013 and within 7 years, he made his mark as Mr. Olympia (2020). For him, “The winter has just started.”

For those who are unaware, the muscle monster made his pro-debut in 2013 with New York Pro Championship. To get in this pro-competition, he had won 2012’s Amateur Olympia Kuwait that earned him a pro-card. But apart from this basic stuff, not many would be aware of how was mass monster’s life before becoming Ramy.

Big Ramy was born on September 16, 1984, in the resort town of Baltim in the Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate of Egypt, on the Nile River Delta. His father was a fisherman and the same was practised by Ramy and his brothers. But what made him stand out amongst his siblings was his passion for bodybuilding.

After finishing the fishing job, our Mr. Olympia used to train hard on his body. In Kuwait, in a region known as Jabriya, there’s one of the most popular gyms of The Oxygen Gym chains. As most pro-bodybuilding enthusiasts would be aware that the particular gym is one of the most reputed ones and has seen a rise of several stars. And yes, it did change the life of Ramy too (indirectly though).

Several big guns like Dennis James, Dennis Wolf were somewhere associated with The Oxygen Gym. As Ramy always had an interest in this field, he requested the job of a trainer at Jabriya’s location. He did get a job but it was in a different region. Somehow, Bader Boodai, the owner of the chain, spotted the soon-to-be muscle monster in Ramy and he offered him a job in a shop in Jabriya. At the same time, Bader informed Dennis James about the potential of Ramy. Impressed with passion and muscle growth, James took special care of Ramy. And the rest is history!

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