Dwayne Johnson Was Stopped To Beat Vin Diesel In Fast & Furious
Dwayne Johnson Left The Fast & Furious Franchise Because Vin Diesel Wanted To Keep A Numerical Value To Every Action Move ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ is one of the highest-paid Hollywood celebrities with his roots in the wrestling industry. With many blockbuster movies, his appearance in Fast and Furious films is still considered one of his best performances. He made his mark in multi-starer movie with Dame Helen Mirren, Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and many more. However, his feud with Vin Diesel is still evident, and his former colleague once pitched an uncanny idea to prevent getting beaten on-screen.

However, The Rock’s absence from the Fast and Furious franchise was missed by the audiences, and it would have been a tricky spot to fill for the audiences. Read on ahead to find out more about the incident from the movie.

As reported by Essential Sports, Dwayne Johnson can never be entirely blamed for the fallout, especially after Vin Diesel’s proposed uncanny idea to be the alpha star in fight sequences. The Fast and Furious producer Diesel wanted to look good and hence devised a plan that would have humiliated his other co-stars, namely Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson.

Another report by The Wall Street Journal from 2019 states Vin Diesel wanted to keep track of every move that his co-stars were making while filming an action sequence in Fast and Furious movie. Diesel had an idea of assigning numerical values to every move, like head butt, roundhouse kick, and body slam, so he could calculate a total and determine if the two men were getting pummeled evenly.

However, Dwayne Johnson had a simple rationale as he wanted everyone to get hit equally, and one might argue that it was pitched to prevent the likes of The Rock from emerging as the bigger hero in the franchise. Not to forget that both celebrities are mega action stars and have given bonafide box-office giants. The fandom would definitely like to see both of them coming together to clear up their issues. After all, we all know Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the People’s champ!

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