Donald Trump Bully Makers To Take Him In Home Alone 2
Home Alone 2 Reveals Unknown Story Featuring Donald Trump (Pic credit – Getty Images / Donald Trump )

Hate him or love him, but you can’t ignore him. Yes, that’s Donald Trump for you. The former president of the United States never fails to grab headlines. Now, even after facing a huge victory from Joe Biden, Trump is making all the noises and it’s to do with Home Alone 2.


Director Chris Columbus has come out with a shocking revelation about former POTUS, that how he forced them to take him in the film. It all happened when the film was to be shot in The Plaza Hotel, then owned by Trump, the MAGA leader.


Chris Columbus, the director of Home Alone 2, spilt it all while talking to Insider. He said, “Like most locations in New York City, you just pay a fee and you are allowed to shoot in that location. We approached The Plaza Hotel, which Donald Trump owned at the time because we wanted to shoot in the lobby. We paid the fee, but he also said, ‘The only way you can use the Plaza is if I’m in the movie.’ So we agreed to put him in the movie.”

Further, Chris Columbus added that the response to Donald Trump’s scene.

“When we screened it for the first time the oddest thing happened: People cheered when Trump showed up on-screen. So I said to my editor, ‘Leave him in the movie. It’s a moment for the audience.’ But he did bully his way into the movie.”

Now, that was interesting behind the scene story we didn’t have a clue about!

Meanwhile, before US election results came out, Jennifer Lawrence opened up on why she could never vote for Donald Trump.

The 30-year-old actress appeared on the 21st October Absolutely Not podcast. The podcast is hosted by ace comedian Heather McMahan. During her conversation with the comedian, the actress said that Donald Trump had refused to condemn White supremacy in the first presidential debate.

Jennifer Lawrence said, “It’s extremely hard to talk about politics, you don’t want to. I’m an actor and I want everybody to see my movies.” Jennifer further revealed that she did not vote for Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential run.

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