New Details Regarding Tom Cruise's Income Revealed
Do You Know? Tom Cruise Reportedly Earns ‘Much More’ From The Box Office Returns Of His Movies Than The Studios That Make Them(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Tom Cruise reportedly earns more than the studios that produce the movies. Cruise is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, who is famous across the globe. His films, most notably the Mission Impossible series, have given competition to some of the highest-grossing movies and franchises. Currently, the actor is prepping for MI7, which is set to release next year.

It is being said that after MI7 and 8, which will be coming out in 2024, the movies will mark the end of Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. The actor has been playing the role since 1996 when the first part came out.



While talking about Tom Cruise, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed details regarding the money the Top Gun: Maverick actor makes from his box office returns. The report claims that Cruise “makes much more from the films than the studio does.” Though no other information regarding his income was revealed, this piece of news is shocking enough.

However, the reason behind Tom Cruise earning more than the studios which produced the movies was provided. It turns out that the Edge Of Tomorrow actor is ” one of the last dollar-one gross players in the business.” This means that Tom receives a percentage of a film’s total box office earnings starting on the first day of release, rather than once it has begun to turn a profit, which is now more customary.

This is also the reason behind Cruise fighting Paramount’s decision of a 45-days theatrical release of Mission Impossible 7. For the unversed, the actor is unhappy with the decision of releasing the movie on Paramount after running in theatres for 45 days.

Tom Cruise wants the traditional 3-months window. The recent update states that both the actor and the production studio remain divided on this subject. Mission Impossible 7 & 8 have faced several delays and fans anticipate its release eagerly.

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