Michael Jackson's Estate Has Churned In Over $2 Billion Since He Passed Away
Michael Jackson Is Reportedly Much Richer Posthumously(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Michael Jackson made over $2 billion after his death! The King of Pop is one of the biggest names in the music industry and has stayed the same despite his passing away 13 years ago. Besides having a big name, the singer also had a big fortune through his albums. Upon his death, Michael‘s net worth was estimated to be around $500 million.

But it is said that due to his lavish lifestyle, the Thriller singer lost most of it and was in debt. He even reportedly loaned $380 million to finance his lifestyle. However, a large amount of his fortune still remains, including his estate that has churned out billions since his death.

Despite being bankrupt back in 2009, Michael Jackson’s estate has over the years made more than $2 billion, as per The Sun. The report states that MJ’s property has made over $360m in the most recent financial year. It is also said that Billie Jean’s singer kids, Prince Michael, Prince, and Paris, have become richer than he ever was after inheriting the fortune.

Besides the wealth his estate has made, Michael Jackson also made a huge amount through his music posthumously. Jackson’s Mijac Music catalogue and a long-term deal with Sony have garnered more than 70% of his earnings. His name reportedly earned him $48 million in 2020 alone. All in all, the money he has made after his death is much higher than what we made when MJ was alive.

While talking about the King of Pop, the singer was also known for owning many exquisite and extraordinary things, like a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles. The chimp was one of Michael’s best friends and their relationship made the headlines as well.

It is said that Bubbles used to accompany Michael Jackson on his tour and travel in first class and on private jets, and appeared on TV, often in cute outfits.

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