Diet Prada Exposes Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber's Fashion Designer Friend Alexander Wang; Deets Inside
Diet Prada Exposes Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber’s Fashion Designer Friend Alexander Wang(Pic credit – Getty Image )

Alexander Wang is one of the most popular designers in the world and is friends with supermodels like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Zoë Kravitz and reality tv star Kim Kardashian. A while back the designer celebrated his 37th birthday and now Diet Prada is calling him out for se*ually assaulting models throughout his career.

Wang’s se*ual assault came as a surprise to all his fans. A model named Owen Mooney came forward and spoke about the designer groping him once in a club.



Mooney has put out a series of TikTok videos where he described the scenario and how Alexander Wang se*ually assaulted him. Later, Diet Prada shared a long note on his Instagram with multiple screenshots where models have described their experiences with the designer.

The long note read:

“TW: Just days after designer Alexander Wang’s birthday, where top models and celebrities celebrated the New York designer with Instagram tributes, the internet is abuzz with allegations of his predatory, substance-fueled behavior.

The designer has built his brand around a hard partying, anything goes ethos, creating “walk of shame”-inspired campaigns and even casting R. Kelly in his SS17 campaign. His own, almost mythic, status as a NYC party figure, has even been alluded to with models walking the runway in “PARTY ANIMAL” and “WANGOVER” headbands for SS18. But now, tales from behind the velvet rope are spilling out.

It began with Owen Mooney, a male model who came forward this weekend in a series of Tiktoks describing a 2017 incident where he was groped by Wang in a packed NYC nightclub. @shitmodelmgmt (SMM) reposted his story, leading many others to come forward. Some claimed to have witnessed a victim being drugged by the designer, or being slipped Molly or other drugs themselves without their knowledge, leading to blacked-out nights and worse.

There are also repeat allegations of victims, including several trans women, being groped or having their bodies or genitals exposed by Wang. Rapper and former Wang muse Azealia Banks shared anonymous accounts she had been sent on her Instagram stories in late 2019, and while the originals have been deleted, the screenshots still circulate on Twitter. Searching Twitter in fact yields many more tweets detailing similar behavior from the designer, some dating back several years.

SMM brought up that male model’s stories are often not given enough attention, and Mooney has shared some of the backlash he’s already received. “This is why people are worried to share their stories of sexual predators,” he captioned a story of a comment accusing him of ousting Wang in an attempt to gain clout.

A darling of the industry with multiple accolades, Wang is the latest in a string of powerful, influential fashion figures who have been hit with allegations of sexual harassment in recent years. How much longer will money, fame, and celebrity clout excuse them from being held accountable?”

Now, people from all around the world are supporting Diet Prada for using his platform to talk about such a sensitive subject.

What are your thoughts on Alexander Wang assaulting models and getting away with it because of the fame? Tell us in the comments below.

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