Here’s How Much Daniel Radcliffe Earned From Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe Cashed In Close To A $100 Million From Harry Potter(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

It was in his teenage that Daniel Radcliffe entered the wizarding world with Harry Potter. The franchise went on to be one of the most successful things the studio ever owned and set the ball rolling for various other similar projects. Not to forget, there was not any other studio to have earner $8 Billion out of a franchise, before Marvel Cinematic Universe hit back in full storm.


But while the profits of the studio are massive, ever wondered how much the titular star would have earned out of it? Now 31-year-old, Daniel Radcliffe has earned an enormous amount already in his teenage and is at the top of his game until now. The news cannot be ignored that there is an HP reunion in production. Below is all you need to know about the same and how much Radcliffe earned with each project.


If the reports by We Got This Covered are to go by, Daniel Radcliffe has not just made a fortune for one but at least three with the Harry Potter films. Radcliffe was paid a million bucks for Sorcerer’s Stone, which tripled to $3 million for Chamber of Secrets. The rise doesn’t stop there; the remuneration doubled again to $6 million for Prisoner of Azkaban. For Order of the Phoenix, he earned $14 million. And approximately $25 million apiece for the last three movies.

A rough calculation of all the figures above indicates that Daniel Radcliffe earned an amount close to $100 million excluding the royalties. Isn’t that massive enough?

Meanwhile, what has made a thunderous buzz is the reunion of the Harry Potter cast for a new project in the franchise. There were reports that Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint have already given their nods for the same. It was said that Emma Watson was yet to give a nod. Later it was said that the Hermoine fame has agreed and is all set to get on board.

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