The Expendables 4 Takes A Sly Dig At John Wick & Fast & Furious Franchise Boasts About Being Different From The Commercially Successful Film Franchises?
The Expendables 4 Director Allegedly Throws Shade At Other Action Franchises; Name Drops John Wick & Fast & Furious ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Hollywood is known for its action franchises, including John Wick, Fast & Furious, Mission: Impossible and others, not to forget The Expendables franchise, which released its fourth instalment, The Expendables 4, last week. The film reportedly had the lowest opening in the franchise, yet it seems like the director, Scott Waugh, is still proud of his work as he makes comparisons with the Keanu Reeves and Vin Diesel-led film series.

The film brought back Sylvester Stallone in his role, yet people questioned his screentime, and while mostly the discussions about the film are in a negative light, the makers are clearly trying their best to stay positive as the director in an interview showed his interest to come back for the fifth instalment. Even the film’s producer listed the lessons they learnt from the third film.

The Expendables 4 director Scott Waugh, in an interview with Slash Film, has now explained how Expend4bles is different from action franchises like John Wick and Fast & Furious and how it stands apart from them. He said, “I think it still has a lot of action, kicks a lot of ass, and we blow a lot of s*** up, and it’s still a hell of a lot of fun.”

Scott Waugh, praising The Expendables 4, further added, “I think that the interesting thing with Expendables is, it’s still a grounded franchise. Other features go beyond reality and really go to what I call sensationalism. And I think Expendables is not really in that category. They’re really still just your hardcore, ’80s-style action. And I think Expendables 4 was all about staying true to that brand, not making it something that it’s not.”

He continued, “It’s like you say, you want to do something fresh, right? You want to try to have the audience go, ‘Wow, man. I’ve never seen that before,’ right? So that was the impetus of, ‘Let’s have a motorcycle chase on an aircraft carrier’. And it’s like, ‘What?’ ‘And mount some guns on it at the same time,’ right? So in true Expendables fashion, that’s kind of one of our little trademarks in The Expendables 4, is this cool motorcycle chase on the ship.”

The Expendables 4 director, however, praised Chad Stahelski, John Wick director, for his incredible work.

The film was released on 22nd September and is still running in the theatres!

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