Lady Gaga Once Hinted That She Was More Versatile Than Madonna & This Is How Netizens Reacted
Lady Gaga Revealed Why She Was Different Than Madonna & Netizens Felt She Took A Dig At The Pop Star ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Facebook )

Madonna and Lady Gaga’s feud is like a latent energy, which is there but not there. It is tricky as the pop stars often lock horns but in the most subtle ways. The two belong to the same genre of music and have a similar style. Obviously, their fans have pitted them against each other time and again. In an old interview, Gaga talked about how her work was different from Madonna’s, and it seemed that she took a dig at the singer. Scroll on to learn more.

Apart from the fans comparing the artists, the two have given statements in the past that have fuelled rumours about their feud. The 64-year-old singer has subtly hinted that Gaga replicates her work. The actress has called the plagiarism theory ‘moronic’ and dismissed such claims. Both the icons have still maintained that they love each other’s works and find one another quite talented.

In an old interview, Lady Gaga said that the comparisons between her and Madonna were baseless. While they had the same genre, their stay of working was totally different. In fact, the House of Gucci actress mentioned that she was way more versatile than the Crazy For You singer. It seemed that Gaga was taking a subtle jibe at Madonna while saying it, as she mentioned that the other singer only rehearsed the same lines over and over again. An Instagram page called Stefanimothermonster shared a clip from the interview and left the netizens divided.

Take A Look:

While talking about the comparison, Lady Gaga said, “She (Madonna) is the biggest pop star of all time. But, I play a lot of instruments and write all my own music. I spend hours and hours a day in the studio, I’m a producer, I’m a writer. What I do is different. I’m not rehearsing over and over again just to put on a show. There’s spontaneity in my work. I allow myself to fail. I allow myself to break. I’m not afraid of my flaws. There are major differences between me and her, and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. I will not be compared to anyone. I am who the f*ck I am, and this is me.”

The netizens took to the comment section, and here is what they said –

One wrote, “Madonna is playing guitar, she is the author of most of her songs, she is director, actress, writer, producer, philanthropist and activist”

Another added, “Each woman deserves their own type of respect, Lady Gaga for her contribution and Madonna for paving the way and breaking down some walls for other artists to be able to be themselves.”

A user said, “This is so bad. Madonna would never talk about that way. What does that mean she plays a lot of instruments ?? Plus, she says Madonna has had a great career as if she is done now.”

One more netizen mentioned, “Lady Gaga definitely allows herself to fail… clearly every time she opens her mouth!”

A user supported Gaga and wrote, “Y’all she’s not saying that Madonna can’t do anything, she’s just sick of being compared to other people.”

The last one said, “Lady GaGa has more talent in her pinky finger than Madonna.”

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