Mark Ruffalo Hints At The Possible MCU Return Of Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man & Chris Evans' Captain America
Mark Ruffalo aka Hulk Hints At The Possible MCU Return Of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man & Chris Evans’ Captain America ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Marvel Executive broke the hearts of the fans after sharing that Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man is off the table indicating he will not be coming back to reprise his role. Mark Ruffalo who plays the role of Bruce Banner aka Hulk in a recent chat session gave some cryptic answers that have rekindled the hopes of seeing our favourite narcissist Tony Stark and our favourite, Steve Rogers aka Captain America played by Chris Evans in future MCU projects. Keep reading to know more!

Mark’s Hulk, RDJ’s Iron Man and Evans’ Cap are a part of the OG Avengers team along with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow, and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. After the Endgame, their team got dissolved with Tony sacrificing himself for others and Steve taking retirement to be with Peggy.



However, with the multiversal saga being introduced in the MCU there have been rumours going about that the OG Avengers might return in Avengers 5. Although Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man has been put off the table by the Marvel exec there was no such news regarding Chris Evans’ Captain America. Now this cryptic answer by Mark Ruffalo is once again giving us fans hope. At the Emerald City Comic-Con for the ‘Mean and Green: Mark Ruffalo Spotlight’ panel via The Direct, the actor offered a glimpse of hope to the fans.

As per the report in The Direct, during a Q&A session at the event Mark Ruffalo was asked about Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans’ possible return to the MCU with Avengers 5. He said, “Sad, but there is a time machine. And there are alternate universes and realities, so anything could happen.” Besides Tom Holland, Mark is also known for giving away spoilers, hence referring to it and fearing he gave away too much; he said, “Are one of these boards going to fall on me? Man, are you trying to get me in trouble again? I’m not going to say it’s not possible, but I’m not going to say it is.”

Well, now it’s all up to fate and the Marvel bosses whether they will bring back Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans back in the MCU with Avengers 5 making Mark Ruffalo’s words come true or not. But we will surely report every detail about it to you. Till then stay tuned to Koimoi!

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