Fans Call Out Billie Eilish Over Taylor Swift Jab During Spotify 'Listening Party'
Fans Call Out Billie Eilish Over Taylor Swift Jab. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Global stars Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish are currently embroiled in an online controversy where fans often pit them against each other. As both artists are vying for the top position on the Billboard 200 list, set to be revealed on June 1, fans have taken to interpreting every single remark by Billie Eilish, who recently made headlines for seemingly taking a swipe at Swift.

It all began in March when Billie Eilish called out artists who put out excessive vinyl variants to boost sales despite environmental ramifications. Fans interpreted the comment as a jab at Taylor Swift, known to release multiple variants of the same album. Although, In an April Instagram Story, Billie Eilish clarified she wasn’t “singling anyone out,” the rumour of a feud began to gain steam.

Shortly after, on May 17, Eilish released eight eco-friendly vinyl variants of her album “Hit Me Hard and Soft” and multiple follow-up digital releases. At the same time, Swift released digital versions of the Tortured Poets Department and upped the ante with the remix of her single “Fortnight” by music producer BLOND:ISH, a known environmental activist.

Did Billie Elish Take A Jab At Taylor Swift During Listening Party?

Billie Elish did not jab at Taylor Swift during the listening party. Here’s what happened: On May 23, while hosting a Spotify Stationhead-style’ Listening Party,’ Billie Eilsih shared her thoughts on ‘three-hour shows,’ calling them “literally psychotic.”

She said, “I’m not doing a three-hour show; that’s literally psychotic. Nobody wants that. You guys don’t want that, I don’t want that, you know what I’m saying? I don’t even want that as a fan.”

Billie Eilish continued, “Even my favorite artist in the world, I’m not tryna hear them for three hours. (Laughs) You know what I mean? It’s far too long.”

While Eilish did not name the artist, fans noted that the ‘three-hour show’ reference was a jab at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, which spans three or more hours. The remark triggered a backlash online, with fans criticizing Eilish. A fan wrote on social media, “She doesn’t want that because she can’t do that.”

Another added, “Billie doesn’t have enough songs to last her a 3-hour show.”

As the backlash intensified, a fan provided more context to the initial comment, revealing Billie Eilish did not deride Swift. The fan said Billie Eilish was only talking about her discography when she made the comment. The fan highlighted that Eilsih had previously referred to Swift and Beyoncé as “untouchable superstars” over their respective tours, saying, “The fact that they can put out a show so long and it’s filled with so many incredible moments is really amazing.”

Eilish then expressed her reticence performing at big stadiums, adding, “I want the crowd to know that I’m seeing them with my own eyes.”

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