Deadpool 3's Reported Budget Revealed - Find Out
Deadpool 3’s Reported Budget Revealed(Photo Credit – IMDb)

Deadpool 3’s trailer release is just around the corner, and the movie is still a few months away from its theatrical release. The film has everyone’s hopes pinned on it, especially after poor box office reviews of the previous Marvel movies. The MCU movies are known for their extensive budgets, and this Ryan Reynolds-led threequel will officially be in the MCU; hence, one can expect a splurge on its making. Keep scrolling to find out.

The movie will bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, which has intrigued everyone’s interest in the film even more. He is coming out of retirement after his last Marvel film, Logan. People are on their toes, wanting to know about the details of the upcoming movie. The film’s shooting was stalled for a few months because of the Hollywood strikes. They resumed immediately after the strikes were resolved.

A few days back, there were reports about the alleged plot of the movie. The reported first summary stated that f*cking Deadpool would change the history of the MCU with Wolverine. If that happens, it would be an excellent way to merge the Fox Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Previously, several rumors claimed that Wade Wilson would be fiddling with Cable’s time-traveling device and travel the multiverse. It will get him in trouble with the TVA as Owen Wilson is expected to appear in Deadpool 3.

With all the time traveling, the actions, VFX, and the big stars in the film, including Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, people may wonder what is the budget of Deadpool 3. According to Hollywood Sunday’s report, the estimated budget of the upcoming Shawn Levy-directed film is around $250 million before print and advertising costs.

How much were the budgets of Deadpool 1 & 2?

The first Deadpool film that impressed everyone and earned $782.83 million worldwide was made on a budget of only $58 million. After the movie’s massive success, its sequel received an increased budget of $110 million, which did not go to waste as the second part also made an impressive $785.89 million at the worldwide box office. The third film’s budget is almost 50% more than the combined budget of the first two films.

Now, all eyes are on Deadpool 3! It is one of the most anticipated films of 2024 and probably the only MCU movie to release this year. According to reports, this film has the potential to break the $1 billion barrier with the MCU connections and the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Recently, on the social media platform X, an account of Marvel Leaks has claimed that the title of Deadpool 3 might be Deadpool & Friend. The fans must wait until February 11 for the trailer to drop and clear out some of the speculations.

Deadpool 3, starring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, will hit the screens on July 26, 2024.

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