Chris Hemsworth's Thor 5 Is Still Happening? Here's What A Little Birdy Is Saying!
Chris Hemsworth’s Thor 5 Is Still Happening? (Photo Credit – IMDb)

After getting a not-so-good review for Thor: Love and Thunder, there had been a lot of speculation about whether the Marvel franchise with Chris Hemsworth in the lead will be returning. However, according to certain rumors, Thor 5 is still on the cards, and the studio is looking for able hands to take charge of the film as its director. Scroll below for more.

The Australian actor set foot in this role for the first time in 2011 with Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki as its primary antagonist. He reprised his role as a villain in 2012’s The Avengers. Chris is, till now, the only Marvel actor with four stand-alone movies, with a possible fifth one on its way.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, we saw Zeus, played by Russell Crow, and his son Hercules appeared in the post-credit scene. Brett Goldstein played the character. Brett is known for his role as Roy Kent in the comedy series Ted Lasso—he even received the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series two times. According to the X handle, MCU News and Updates, Hercules will be one of the main villains in the upcoming Thor 5 film.

The account further claimed that Thor 5 will also introduce Thor’s half-brother Balder the Brave in the movie, and the audience has already received an Easter Egg regarding Balder in Loki Season 2. According to the report, the film will once again visit Valhalla, where we saw Natalie Portman starrer Jane Foster ending up after dying of her terminal illness. Although Hercules is set on a collision course with Odinson, he will turn on his side as the movie progresses. Therefore, who will appear as the main villain in the MCU film has yet to be revealed.

The report also mentioned that Thor 5 would be the last movie in this franchise. Commenting on the news, netizens expressed their opinions on social media platforms.

One wrote, “I don’t think it’s his last tbh they saw what happened when they dropped ironman and cap so soon won’t be repeating that.”

Another added, “He’s not coming back he stated that himself. Thank God.”

“The Only follow up will be the Hercules & Zeus story line also with his daughter Love,” suggested one user.

One quipped, “Hopefully, it’s better than the disaster that was, love and thunder.”

A user wrote, “Hoping they would give him one last good film.”

Followed by, “Can’t wait to see that fight scene with Thor and Hercules.”

And, “I want enchantress to become the main villain and introduce Beta Ray Bill plus a cameo of Bruce Banner.”

Check out the Twitter post here:

Previously, Taika Waititi said Thor 5 should have a villain more powerful than Hela, meanwhile, the director received a lot of backlash for Thor: Love and Thunder. He would reportedly not return for the fifth installment.

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