Deadpool 3 Actor Karan Soni Uses A Racial Slur Unknowingly
Karan Soni Plays A Pivotal Part In Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

One of the most trending movies today is none other than the much anticipated Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman starrer Deadpool 3. The biggest update about the movie is the new leaked images of Ryan in the Merc With A Mouth get up and a sneak peek at the new costume. But while that is making news, it seems like there is another update that has caused a storm on the internet. Karan Soni, who is all set to revive his character in the Threequel, while talking about the movie, has unknowingly said a racial slur which has left the fans upset.

The threequel marks the debut of Ryan and Hugh in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wade Wilson and Wolverine, respectively. Alongside side multiple people debuting and reprising, one is Karan Soni, who plays the hilarious can driver in the movie. The actor has had brief part in both films when the franchise was with Fox. It turns out he still is in there.

As per the latest update, Karan Soni, who is busy promoting Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, in which he voiced the Indian Spidey Pavitr Prabhakar, he was asked about Deadpool 3. While praising Ryan Reynolds and the project and talking about the rating, he used the term ‘hard R’, which is actually a racist slur used against people of colour. Netizens took the job to educate him.

While his quote makes it clear that he unknowingly ended up saying the term while talking about Deadpool 3, Karan Soni as per We Got This Covered said, “I have begun working on that one, so I can say that it is the same as the other two. It’s like hard R. There’s a lot of that stuff. So it does not feel different. The only thing that, for me, is different is that I have not gotten the script this time. The other two, we did get it, it’s a big difference, at least for me, the MCU part of it vs. the Fox/Marvel part of it. They’re so strict. So I’ve only seen glimpses of what I’m in.”

The Deadpool 3 star added “When I did some of the stuff, I saw some things that I didn’t know were in the thing. I think, I would just say it this way: Ryan [Reynolds] doesn’t need to do any of these movies unless he gets to do his version of it and he is such a star, and, I don’t need to say this, a creative genius. He’s taking this opportunity and really pushing everything and, definitely, he’s doing a lot of cool stuff. I feel very optimistic about it. Him and [director] Shawn [Levy], they work so well together, that I think it will be really exciting for people to see how they take the collaborations that they’ve done, now successfully twice, in this new version and play in this massive sandbox with a lot of stuff. It is very, very exciting. I will not underestimate Ryan Reynolds.”

Look at how the internet reacted to Karan Soni using the term Hard R:

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