Courteney Cox Kills Time Between Setups Of Her New Show By Driving Around Tourists On Warner Bros' Set
Courteney Cox Becomes Industrious As She Drives Around Tourists On Warner Bros’ Set While Shooting Her New Show ( Photo Credit – Getty Image ; IMDb )


Courteney Cox knows how to utilize her time while on set. A lot of people don’t know that making a film or a series takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. There can be issues regarding the shooting, the set, lighting, makeup, hair, script and so on. There is a lot of time to kill too when in-between shots changes because the actors have to wait for hours before they can get back to work.

The Friends actor has been in the business for long enough to find clever ways to avoid sitting around, and it sounds nothing but fun to us!


While on the Warner Bros. set for filming the new show ‘Shining Vale’, Courteney Cox posted a video on Instagram. In the video, she tells her fans, “Here I am on the backlot of Warner Bros. filming my show, Shining Vale. There’s definitely a lot of time in between setups, but I don’t get bored. Nope, I see opportunity all around.”

Watch the video here:

After that, Courteney Cox started to show off her industriousness, filling her time with several activities, including driving around the tourists enjoying the Warner Bros. studio tour in Burbank, California.

Even before you think of whether the actress took the tourist to the set closest to her heart, Cox says, “[We’re coming up to] Stage 5, which is right here on our right,” Cox tells the tourists (note the Friends shirt on one of them) as she maneuvers the tour vehicle to her old haunt in the clip. “This is where Friends started in 1994, and is now occupied by a show called Shining Vale — starring me.”

The actress wore a black polka-dotted dress with a plunging neckline at the start of the video. In the background of the video is a house set that was being used for her new series. She then proceeded to give Greg Kinnear, her co-star, a Covid-19 test and also helped serve food to the crew.

Courteney Cox for sure knows how to spend the long hours between the takes and has made the most of it.

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