Christopher Nolan Draws Flak For Oppenheimer
Christopher Nolan Responded To His Peloton Instructor’s Criticism Of One Of His Films(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Celebrated writer-director Christopher Nolan has many accolades to his credit. However, his unparalleled success and genius vision have yet to impress his Peloton Instructor. Perhaps it is true that no one can cater to everyone after all!

According to Variety, Oppenheimer’s director recently shared an amusing instance of criticism. He was using his Peloton stationary bike for a workout session when suddenly his instructor began a tirade shading one of his films. The instructor even claimed having wasted their time watching the film.

Nolan didn’t mention the name of the particularly criticized film. Instead, he consoled himself with the idea that perhaps the instructor was unaware of his presence in the virtual classroom that day.

Christopher Nolan Lauds Film Critics

Christopher Nolan has made several remarkable films that have endeared him to the critics and turned profits at the box office. Speaking to Variety about the recent developments in the film industry, he said that the present times have generated a flurry of criticism. It is true that the modern internet age, with its readily available information flow, has entitled many to have an informed opinion.

Nolan remarked on the difference that the present scenario holds for him. When he first started as a director, film criticism was supposed to be the work of professional critics. According to him, these critics attempted to have an objective opinion of the film, however difficult that may be. As of now, Nolan finds the presence of countless social media outlets and other agencies to have turned even the casual moviegoer into a critic, which is laudable, according to him.

Christopher Nolan Made Risky Decisions During The Filming of Oppenheimer

It is a truism that one’s actions inevitably bear consequences. The Oscar nominee is no stranger to his fact. While filming his recent blockbuster Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan made several decisions despite knowing they might spark controversy and invite criticism.

One such instance was his decision to specifically avoid showing the nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nolan revealed to Variety that he knew that the audiences would question such a move. Regardless, Nolan believes in making the right choice, even at the cost of misinterpretation.

According to the Batman Begins director, the film critic’s job is to disseminate and amplify the film among the general audience. In this regard, all directors depend on critics to successfully communicate their directorial intent.

Oppenheimer Wins Big At The Box Office

Oppenheimer has proved to be one of the most successful films in Christopher Nolan’s career. It has raked in a whopping $954 million at the box office and has a positive 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The Cillian Murphy-led biopic is a leading contender at the Oscars 2024 and will predictably lead in several categories, including Best Picture and Best Director.

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