Chris Pratt Once Revealed How He Tried To Win Over Anna Faris With P*rn Magazines & S*xual Tales
Chris Pratt Once Revealed How He Tried To Win Over Anna Faris With P*rn Magazines & S*xual Tales (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Chris Pratt has seen new levels of success and popularity after featuring in the role of Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU, in 2017, but he split with his former wife, Anna Faris, the same year; whom he impressed in a completely different way. Pratt once revealed that he turned to p*rn magazines to impress Anna, who was already married to Ben Indra with zero hopes in him.

The former couple met on the set of their film, Take Me Home, and he was soon smitten by her as he thought her to be funny and hot but married to someone else. However, Anna and Ben’s relationship ended soon, making way for the then-lovebirds to take their love affair to the next step and tie the knot in 2009.

Chris Pratt, after a few years of his marriage to Anna Faris, spoke about his initial interactions with his former wife and, in his own way, tried to impress her; which is undoubtedly one would never do to impress a girl. Writer Anna Peele wrote a piece on Chris/Anna romance in August 2014 in Esquire, where Peele detailed the methods that may have intrigued the Scary Movie star’s interest in the MCU actor.

As per Peele’s piece via Bustle, Chris Pratt recalled that he thought Anna Faris was hot, but she wasn’t single, so he saw no point in pursuing her but couldn’t stay from her charm either. So when she came over to Pratt‘s residence once, he left p*rn magazines out, and to his surprise, Anna was unbothered.

Not just that, Chris Pratt also told stories of the s*xual encounters he had back then recently as a single man in LA. Surprisingly, she was into it too. Just a year after that, Anna called him and told him about splitting up with Ben and then the MCU star decided to make a move, and reportedly he learnt about all her interests and her patience as well. Unfortunately, this sweet love story came to an end when in 2017, the couple decided to part ways breaking their fans’ hearts.

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