Chris Hemsworth's Deepfake Selling Shoes
Chris Hemsworth’s Deepfake Selling Kolhapuri Chappal ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Hollywood wave has currently taken over India yet again amidst the Barbenheimer fever. And between the two films clashing, Marvel fans decided to have some fun at Chris Hemsworth’s expense when a video of the beloved avenger Thor started circulating on the internet where the ‘Asgard Prince’ was spotted on the roads of an Indian market trying to sell Jutis, Indian footwear for women!

The increasing ability of AI to generate realistic content, such as deep fakes, has caused concern in Hollywood and all around the world. Not only is it a major concern, it has also been a serious trouble for many. However, some of the netizens are using it for fun purposes without hurting anyone. Read on to find out more about it.

The craze of Artificial Intelligence is all over the place as it has even reached Asgard. With technology touching new milestones, the entertainment industry has a hard time as many are against AI and similar technologies taking the place of human labour. While all that is going on, a new deepfake video of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has been going around all over the internet as he is seen selling Kolhapuri chappals.

Taking to Instagram, The Indian Deepfaker posted a video of a person selling slippers at an Indian show shop. The video has been morphed into Chris Hemsworth’s Thor face as he sells the slippers at the shop.

Reacting to the video, a user wrote, Thor after loss in Stock Market Trading. Another added, “Post-credit scenes leaked”. A user also said, “Chris Hemsworth being Indian”

In the morphed video, the God of Thunder says, “Hello sister, aa ja. Meri to bahen nahi hai varna mai to jeeja ko bhi yahi pahnata.” However, we know he did not got alog with his sister in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But who knows, Hela and the Asgard Prince might end their differences over a pair of slippers!

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