Avengers Trivia: ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans Once Asked Him Fellow Co-Stars To ‘Assemble’ & It Wasn’t To Fight Thanos – Can You Guess What They Did
Did You Know? ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans Had A Batman-Like Signal For His Fellow Avengers & It’s a Dialogues Fans Waited Years To Hear(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

When it comes to comic and then movies & shows made based on them, the world is divided and have their preferences. While some prefer Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe) others go the DC (DC Cinematic Universe) way. Well, today we bring you a trivia where the MCU’s Captain America aka Chris Evans makes use of a DC call card.

Wondering what we are talking about? Well, don’t fret too much. In a past conversation, Clark Gregg – better known in the MCU as Agent Phil Coulson, spilled some beans on how Chris used to call his fellow Avengers for drinks. Just like Batman had a sign Inspector Gordon used to get in touch, scroll below to know what was Caps. Hint: It’s an iconic dialogue.

Did you guess it? In case you didn’t, it was the same dialogues fans of the Marvel comic waited years to hear Chris Evans’ Captain America yell – ‘Avengers assembles’. While that scene in Avengers: Endgame still give fans goosebumps, Chris used (part) of it to call his co-stars when the cameras weren’t rolling to drink.

As per Clark Gregg aka Agent Phil Coulson’s admission, Chris Evans once sent everyone a text that read ‘Assemble’ so all the Avenger actors nearby could go out drinking. Are you wondering why he had to send them a message given they worked together? Well, as per the actor all the main actors in the Avengers movies weren’t always together owing to their busy lives.

So on the rare occasions when they were all in town to shoot together, the Captain America actor would send out his very own Bat-Signal for them to go party. Gregg revealed one of his favourites was the simple text saying “Assemble”

Confirming that Chris Evans actually used to do it and the ‘Assemble’ text calling them to handout is true, Clark Gregg re-tweeted the Marvel Facts post writing, “I mean, top five at least.”

Now that’s something we too can pick up.

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