Johnny Depp Impersonated By A Scammer, Looting $40,000 From A Brazillian Woman Leading Her To Do Surgery, Sell Her House
Johnny Depp Impersonated By A Scammer, Looting $40,000 From A Brazillian Woman Leading Her To Do Surgery, Sell Her House(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard‘s trial recently came to its conclusion, with the Aquaman actress being asked to pay 10 million dollars to the actor. This has inspired many conmen to figure out ways of looting people & one such case has emerged in Brazil with a 61-year-old retired woman being a victim conned for 40,000 dollars.

Remember Netflix‘s Tinder Swindler in which a conman swindled for a huge chunk of money from women? A similar case has happened with the above-mentioned retired from work Brazillian resident.

A fake person posing as the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has managed to loot 40,000 dollars (INR 32,55,500) without even apparently meeting the woman. It all started in 2020 in Osasco, São Paulo. According to a report in Marca, the testimony submitted to Brazilian laws by the woman stated that the conman started to discuss “everyday life issues” which followed by telling “a sad story and that he needed money for the payment of convictions and in cases in which he was involved.”

In a similar report, the victim’s lawyer Eduarda Tosi’s court statement also reads, “Along with the sad story of not having money to pay the aforementioned fees, a ‘romance’ began where the scammer promises to take the author (of the lawsuit) to live with him. The Pandemic contributed to her believing every lie the scammer told, given the emotional shock she experienced. She was just looking for a way out or a change of life.”

The person posing to be a fake Johnny Depp also made the victim sell her house for paying him this exorbitant amount. She also went under the knife doing plastic surgery following the scammer’s fake promises of making her live in Los Angeles, USA.

To all the Johnny Depp fans reading this, please let this be a case study for you.

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