Will Smith To Enter Oscars 2023 With 'Emancipation' But The Voters Aren't Happy
Oscar Voters React To Will Smith Entering Academy Awards 2023 With ‘Emancipation’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Emancipation Poster )

Post the Oscars 2022 incident where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the stage during the ceremony, the actor is making his acting comeback with the movie Emancipation. Earlier, the film was released in 2023, but the date has been shifted to December this year.

With the announcement of the movie came the question of whether the movie will pave the way for Smith for the 2023 Academy Awards. Reports came in that his film will enter the race for next year. But now, the Oscars voters have shared their opinion on the same, and they don’t feel enthusiastic about it.

The Hollywood Reporter conducted a survey of the voters who will judge Will Smith’s first dramatic film less than a year after slapping Chris Rock. The survey is to see if the voters think that the King Richard actor is worthy of another Best Actor nomination. The result that came in was mixed. While some participants were open to it, the majority of them completely shunned the idea.

“Would I vote for Smith? NO F*CKING WAY. His shameful violent outburst and pathetic sniveling ‘acceptance’ diatribe witnessed by millions — and his blatant disrespect of the Academy — should preclude him from any consideration and reward,” one voter said. “Nominating Will Smith would be a slap in the face to the Academy,” another voiced their opinion.

A third sarcastically said, “Would I vote for Will Smith? Right after I vote for Trump.” “I don’t mind that Emancipation is being released. And yes, I would consider voting for Smith if he does great work,” one of few who are not opposed to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor entering Oscars 2023 said.

Most of the Oscar voters are against Will Smith, but they are fine with Emancipation entering the race. Do you agree with those who wouldn’t vote for the actor or do you think the Chris Rock slap controversy has been made a mountain out of a molehill?

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