Cardi B Loses Her Calm, Throws Her Mic With Full Force At A Fan Who Spilled All Her Drink All Over The Rapper
Cardi B Throws Her Mic With Full Force At A Fan Who Spilled All Her Drink All Over The Rapper ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Cardi B was performing this Saturday, July 29, when she had to deal with a rather tough crowd. Live concerts are at an all-time high this time as Lizzo and Taylor Swift are touring as well. Cardi was seen performing at an outdoor event and singing the song that gave her mainstream success called Bodak Yellow. However, the crowd went a little too wild and one fan hurled their drink at the rapper.

Obviously, it did not go down well with the ‘I Like It’ singer. She instantly responded to this frivolous act and threw her mic full force at the concertgoer. She is then seen approaching the fan as well before the situation is handled by the security at the event. The fan is taken away from the venue, but Cardi B doesn’t seem to have relaxed by then.

The Internet is now fuming at the actions of the fans and speaking in support of Cardi B. They came forth to applaud Cardi’s loud action of shutting down the toxic fan. One fan wrote, “She gave a whole new meaning to “mic drop.” Another fan said, “Cardi B spotted her, and with pin point accuracy struck back” One more fan wrote, “Time for entertainers to start reacting. This trend of throwing things at them is wrong” One person wrote, “Honestly, you guys What’s up with this act of throwing things at the artists man….. Be it any artist they don’t deserve this Honestly. People are paying to watch them perform, and artists are taking time & effort to go all out & this is funny, Nah…This needs to stop.” Another fan commented, “Good for her!!! Jerk fan. Btw. Gorgeous. Best she ever looked.”

Check out the video below:

There has been no official statement from Cardi B’s side. Artists like Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kid Cudi, Steve Lacey, and more, have been a victim of this exact incident. Recently, Harry Styles was attacked by a fan on stage as well. While Styles was not showered with a fan’s drink, he was struck with a bouquet of roses at a concert in Cardiff, Wales.

What do you think about artists being harassed by their fans like this? Let us know your thoughts, and stay tuned for more at KoiMoi!

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