‘Captain America’ Was A Multi-millionaire – Here’s How The First Avengers Amassed Millions While Asleep From Almost 70 Years
‘Captain America’ Was A Multi-millionaire When He Woke Up From His 70 Years Ice Sleep! Here’s How The WWII Soldier Went From $ 5,000 To Millions While Asleep ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

When we think of the Avengers and who is the richest among them, there is no doubt Robert Downey Jr’ Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, tops the list. He’s a billionaire with multiple properties and compounds, businesses, technology and more – he admitted it, too. But do you know, Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is also rich.

Yes, the super-soldier who was frozen in ice for seven decades woke up a millionaire. Read on to know how he accumulated his wealth and what was his net worth when he woke up.

In a Reddit post – dating nearly nine years old, an intelligent person did the math and revealed Chris Evans’ Captain America would have been worth over $8 million when he was revived after being frozen in ice for decades. They begin their math by assuming Steve Rogers earned approximately the same as the other soldiers during that time – thereby keeping the value of the super-soldier’s personal wealth about $5,000 – which, when converted that year, would roughly amount to $60,000.

The theory then assumes that after the ‘First Avenger’ crashed, the government withheld a personal subsistence allowance since Captain America had no use for it. Taking into consideration that Steve Rogers was probably listed as MIA – since teams went out in search of the crash site but never found his remains, and once defrosted, it was assumed he remained on active duty – he amassed millions in an interest-bearing account – via savings bonds). Scroll below to know how he went from $ 5,000 to $8.63 million while asleep in ice.

As per the post, in 1950 – assuming Captain America earned money at a 2 percent interest rate, he would be worth over $27,000 – aka about $252,000 in 2011. In the next decade, Chris Evan’s character’s net worth would likely be increased threefold to about $99,000 – around $800,000 in 2011.

In the 70s, Steve Roger’s income would increase to around $270,000 (approx $1.5 million when he wakes up in 2011). In the next decade, the payment would increase threefold, with him having over $807,000 ($2.3 million in 2011). In the 90s, Cap’s net worth would be valued at $2.45 million ($4.5 million).

Calculating that Captain America’s net worth would be around $3 million in 1993, $4 million in 1997, $5 million in 2001, $6 million in 2004, $7 million in 2007, and $8 million in 2009, the post concluded that when Steve Rogers woke up, he would have accumulated $8.63 million through US savings bonds. Isn’t that impressive!

The personal wealth of Captain America
by u/Prufrock451 in theydidthemath

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