BTS: Obsession With The Septet Lands 8 To 10 Indian Teens In Hospital - [Reports]
BTS: 8-10 Teens Reportedly Hospitalised After Their Obsession With Septet Crosses Boundaries! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

South Korean boy band BTS enjoys a humongous fan following worldwide. Their fans are head over heels in love with the septet and are very possessive of them too. However, when this love turns into an obsession it can be fatal for the fans as well as the artists too.

The band recently took a hiatus and is focusing on their career, however, the recent reports on them have left the entire ARMY shell-shocked and might leave you disturbed too. Read on to know more.

According to recent reports by Ahemdabad Times, about 8 to 10 teens from India were hospitalized at the Shalby hospital and the reasons were their obsession and addiction with BTS. The reports claim that in 10 days these school-going kids were admitted to the hospital as their addiction to BTS left them eating, dressing and living like the septet members.

The same reports also claimed that these teens’ obsession with the septet has led them to listen to BTS songs for about 8 to 10 hours every day. Out of these 10 kids, a 14-year-old girl in class 8 was so addicted to BTS that she would not eat or sleep properly and would listen to the band’s music for hours on her laptop and phone. At first, her parents ignored but when they saw the change in her behaviour and ended up taking her to a doctor.

According to another report by Mirror, Dr Kalrav Mistry, Head of the Department of Psychiatry revealed some similar cases where one teen ended up paying a huge sum to learn the dance choreography performed by BTS and when questioned about it she broke her laptop in anger. Another teen’s guardians had to restrain her from running away as she was addicted to the South Korean boy band and was addicted to drugs too for her anxiety. Speaking about such obsession and behavioural changes in Indian teens due to BTS, the doctor said, “The youngsters are blindly following BTS, adopting their rockstar lifestyle, expensive clothes and all. And to meet these expenses they are resorting to stealing and drugs. By the time parents realise something is wrong, the obsession has reached a different level.”

The doctors have urged the parents to keep a watch on what their young ones are viewing on the internet and also to look out for any behavioural changes.

This is indeed scary, what are your thoughts on teens obsessing on BTS? Let us know in the comments below.

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