BTS V Gets Defended After Being Bashed For Avoiding Fans & Reporters At Airport, Insider Reveals What Exactly Happened - Find Out!
BTS V Trolled For Avoiding Fans & Reporters At Airport, Here’s How Everyone Is Defending Him(Photo Credit–Instagram)

Right after announcing their hiatus, BTS members, RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope and V are making headlines for individuals’ lives. However, out of the 7, V who is also known as Kim Taehyung is now making news for avoiding fans and reports at the airport.

Yes, you read that right. The septet member is being bashed for avoiding his fans and the reporters at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center on June 28. However, after reading the reason behind his action, we are sure you ARMYs will definitely understand him.

According to reports by All K Pop, some fans have now defended BTS’ V from bad press and have clarified the reason behind his action of leaving his fans and reports hanging at the Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center. Talking about what actually happened at the aviation centre while everyone waited to catch a glimpse of V and BlackPink’s Lisa, a fan penned on a social media platform, “Here’s what happened at the airport. First, the plane’s arrival time was delayed. Second, it was pouring rain. There were so many fans waiting, and so the security staff told the fans to leave the site and return at 11 o’clock. Obviously, some of the fans who waited in line for hours got anxious because they thought they might lose their spots, but a few security team members came and organized the line. But right then, it started raining so hard. While people were trying not to get rained on and also get in line, a bunch of latecomers (foreign fans) ran to the front of the line. They got in a fight with the people who were supposed to be at the front of the line and the police were called!”

“Typically, the press and reporters are roped off with security lines, but because of the rain and the chaos they didn’t put out the lines. So they just had the fans wait right behind the reporters. But then the problematic foreign fans suddenly left the line and ran up to the road where vehicles stop to pick up arriving travelers, like they were getting so close to the road it looked like they might get hit by the cars. The security team kept having to warn them not to go in the road, but those fans ignored the security and stayed there. When Lisa came, they rushed her car and banged on her windows, and it looked dangerous. Before Lisa’s turn, they were lingering by the car that V was supposed to get in, and the reporters yelled at them to move. It was total chaos, and the reporters were angry because the foreign fans were blocking their view.” The fan continued.

Concluding talking about the whole airport ordeal, the fan revealed that because of the chaos V had to leave the premise asap. The fan wrote, “It was supposed to be that V came out from the airport, then walk a small distance to get to his car, but the security team went in and out and so it’s speculated that they delivered an update about the outside situation. So then the car drove up right in front of the exit so he could get in right away.” After Taehyung left the whole chaos then died down.

Well, it looks like the ‘problematic fans’ are in the wrong here.

What are your thoughts on BTS V avoiding his fans and reporters? Let us know in the comments below.

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