BTS Jungkook Dating History: Here Are Some K-pop Stars He Is Romantically Linked To(Pic credit: Instagram/bts.jungkook)
BTS’ Jungkook Dating History: Here Are Some K-Pop Stars He Is Romantically Linked To (Pic credit: Instagram/bts.jungkook)

Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS, has taken the world by storm with their heavenly singing voices and sizzling dance moves. Young fans enamoured with the group’s sensitivity, call themselves as ARMY has been upholding the group’s ideals, & privacy, close to their hearts. However, in spite of this, rumours about their mysterious love life still fill the Internet.

One of the band members, Jungkook, seems to be fans favourite as rumour mills are constantly churning out speculations about his dating life. Lately, rumours suggest that Jungkook & Lalisa Manoban, a.k.a. “Lisa” of the K-Pop group Blackpink are having a secret romance. They have been spotted together a few times which led to speculations of possible romance between the two young singers.

So far there is no official confirmation to these rumours. However, this is not the first time that Jungkook is rumoured to be with Lisa. BTS bunny Maknae has been linked with several young ladies in the past.

Reportedly, BTS’ Jungkook was previously rumoured to be in relationship with Lovelyz’s very own maknae, Jeong Ye In. The relationship rumours sparked off after a fan in an online community pointed out that the two idols are look-alikes. The fan then also cited an instance where Ye In dressed in clothes similar to an illustration of Jungkook’s ideal girl’s fashion, reports Film Daily.

The publication also reported that the fan post then shared several such similar instances Jungkook & Yein wore similar clothes. They seemed to be wearing similar, puffy red winter coats with blue and white stripes. Further, the fan pointed out that the two have been caught several times, looking in each other’s direction.

Previously, BTS’ adorable Jungkook was rumoured to be dating K-Pop group DIA’s Jung Chae-Yeon. The rumours began after Chaeyeon matched Jungkook’s description of his ideal woman having a great voice and long dark hair. Even though the duo had denied these rumours, many fans are still suspicious of them dating secretly.

What do you think about BTS’ Jungkook dating rumours? Whom do you think he would be dating? Let us know in the comments.

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