From Thinking Jin & Jungkook Were Siblings To Mixing Their Names – Check Out Some Confessions Made During BTS’ #ArmyConfessionTime
BTS’ #ArmyConfessionTime Is Crazy As Hell (Pic Credit: Instagram/bts.bighitofficial)

Korean boy band BTS aka Bangtan Boys, have a huge fan following across the globe. Called the ARMY, these guys are responsible for trending the group time and time again on social media. And they did it once again via #ArmyConfessionTime.

Using this hashtag, BTS fans opened up about some assumption about the group and things even we guilty of doing. So scroll down and have a look at some of the craziest but relatable confessions made by the ARMY.

One user wrote, “when i first saw taehyung on social media, i really thought he is a korean model and not part of a famous boy group. then later on, i discovered 방탄선년단 ♡ #ArmyConfessionTime” Another BTS fan commented, “When I was A Baby ARMY…… I used to believe that they call us ARMY as the protectors or soldiers later I got to know that A.R.M.Y means “Adorable Representative MC For Youth” #ArmyConfessionTime”

Another BTS Army member wrote, “i thought yoongi agust d and suga were triplets #ArmyConfessionTime” A second BTS member wrote, “back then I thought jin and jungkook are siblings, now they’re my bias #ArmyConfessionTime” A third Twitter fan of the boy band wrote, “I thought finger heart was a sign for the army (Eyes & Woman facepalming emoji) #ArmyConfessionTime”

One user wrote, “When I first started watching content I started with the American interviews. And I was yeah Suga, V and RM! I got this. Then the comments would mention Tae, Yoongi or Namjoon and I was like 😑 who are they?! #ArmyConfessionTime” Another wrote, “Their stage name ‘#AgustD , #Suga , #Yoongi are 3 different person & Suga is Member of BTS while Yoongi maybe BTS’s producer & AgustD maybe Suga’s Underground friend’ That was what I thought but months later I found out AgustD is YG & SG #ArmyConfessionTime @BTS_twt”

Another wrote, “#ArmyConfessionTime i thought those bts messenger apps were real and bragged to my classmates, teachers, parents, and friends that i chatted bts and they were like so excited and made half of my classmates download the app” A BTS fan took to Twitter and wrote, “When I first heard War of Hormone I thought V’s voice was studio magic. I couldn’t believe such a young teenager had that kinda vocal range #ArmyConfessionTime”

What do you have to say about the statement made during #ArmyConfessionTime? Do you have any confessions to make about BTS? Let us know in the comments below.

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