Brooklyn Beckham Reveals He ‘Definitely’ Wants This To Pass Onto His Future Kids, DEETS
Brooklyn Beckham Reveals He ‘Definitely’ Wants This To Pass Onto His Future Kids, DEETS ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Brooklyn Beckham plans to make his future kids a travel enthusiast like him. The handsome son of former footballer David and Victoria Beckham recently revealed his desire to instill a love for exploration in his future kids during an interview with People.

While talking about his new travel guide for Trainline, the photographer said, “I’ve always wanted to be a young dad, and I always want to be able to take my kids wherever I go. So it’s definitely something I want to pass down to my kids.”

Brooklyn married Nicola Peltz Beckham two years ago and has shared his desire to start a family with her soon. During an interview with InStyle earlier this week, the model expressed that he wants to be a “young dad”, explaining, “But, obviously, [it’s] up to my wife. My wife really wants kids as well. So soon, hopefully.”

He also shared that he and his wife combined their last name when they tied the knot to create a unified family name for their future children. Brooklyn recalled, “I wanted to honour my wife’s last name as well, and we thought about it for so long, and we were just like, ‘When we have kids, we would love to have little Peltz-Beckhams running about.’ I just thought it was a cute idea to have both, two last names.”

Brooklyn and Nicola started dating in October 2019 and made it official in 2020 after the latter announced their engagement on Instagram. They married in 2022 in a ceremony at Nicola’s family estate in Palm Beach. Nicola reflected on her marriage, saying, “I can’t believe we’ve been married two years. He is my best friend. And I know that sounds silly, but that’s how I feel. Everyone is always like, ‘Oh, what does being married feel like?’ This is genuinely how I feel. I feel like when you’re on a sleepover or a play date, it’s like, ‘Oh, can they sleep over again?’ And you just are on a never-ending sleepover play date. That’s how we feel.”

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