Britney Spears Strips Down Covering Her Assets With Heart Emojis, Concern Fans Write “We Love You For More Than Your Body”
Britney Spears’ Latest N*de Pictures Have Netizens Worried, Concern Fans Comment “This Is Sad & Not Ok” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Britney Spears makes the headline on a regular basis. While earlier it was owing to the #FreeBritney movement and her conservatorship, nowadays it is because of her ongoing feud with her family and the content she posts on social media. The pop star has made the news owing to the latter today – she’s once again posting n*De pics and netizens are worried.

A while ago, Britney took to Instagram and shared two posts featuring her bare of all clothing on the beach with only red hearts covering her b**bs and v*gina. While she posed seductively in the captionless pics – netizens are concerned about her well-being and wondering if she’s going back to being what she was when she was younger. Read on to know all.

Expressing concern for Britney Spears as the pop star shares n*de pictures from a beach, one netizen wrote, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Another – a little harsher – added, “Lots of people have been through harmful things, but do not act like this. Gee!! Self expression? Really is that what we are calling it now. No! She has some issues. She doesn’t need to do this.” A third added, “Britney, we love you for more than your body and your music. Just wanted you to know that.” A fourth noted, “Everyone can hype her up as much as they want but this is sad and not ok.” Another added, “This is such sad behaviour for a 40 year old woman and mother. It’s such a cautionary tale against too much too soon as a teenager. She can’t be ok. Ok people don’t do this.”

Another comment, asking Britney Spears to not stoop low and pose in the n*de on social media read, “You are soo much more than this… you are a living Legend. You don’t need to do this at all😢😢😢” One concerned netizen commented, “I wish people around her cared. Period.😒” Other comments on her post read – “This chick has lost her shit 🤦🏻‍♂️.” “I’m worried about You Britney. You won your court case but it seems your slipping back into your past.” “You have every right to do this but don’t post it.” “The fact that these photos get 500,000 likes, is sad!”


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Another wondering if her father was right noted, “Dad was spot on. Everyone has been on the outside looking in and doesn’t know what really happened behind closed doors. From what I see, something is wrong here.” Another added, “Thinking her dad was right….” Feeling bad for her, a third noted, “I really think her dad was saving her from herself.”


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Commenting on why Britney Spears’ relationship with her sons is strained, one netizen wrote, “Imagine being a teenage boy walking in school and your peers pull up these pics.. of your mom… I think that’s what their problem is. I get why she wants to do it and feels she needs to but also get why it’d bother them.” Another added, “I’m all about freedom, empowering, etc. But if you post this, then don’t play victim when your teenage boys get mad at you” A third added, “She treats her children worse than how her parents treated her. But she’s always the victim 🙄. Be a mother and stop traumatizing those children!”

What are your thoughts on Britney Spears posting such pictures? Do you think it’s concerning?? Let us know in the comments below.

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