Brad Pitt Haunted Mansion
Brad Pitt’s Mansion, Which He Sold For $40 Million, Witnessed Paranormal Activities ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Wikimedia )

It seems like the Hollywood star Brad Pitt is not afraid of Ghosts, as he made a whopping $40 million by selling his haunted house. Being one of the best movie stars of his generation, the actor managed to sell his mansion for 24 times the price he bought it for. Even its previous owner, actress Cassandra Peterson revealed that a series of phenomena had occurred that she did not know how to explain happened at the mansion.

The actress previously owned the house and once shared about selling her L.A. home to Brad Pitt in 1994 for $1.7 million. Cassandra Peterson says that the home is haunted by more than just memories of Brad‘s former relationship with Angelina Jolie.



People magazine once spoke to Cassandra Peterson, better known as her alter ego, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. As she sold Brad Pitt the 1910-built Craftsman-style mansion for $1.7 million in 1994, she and her ex-husband had seen numerous apparitions in the dwelling. They were fully transparent with their potential buyer about their haunted nature. However, it did not deter the Fight Club actor.

The previous owner witnessed physical people on the top floor and also heard the sounds of a woman’s heels as if she was constantly walking up the stairs. As it did not stop Brad from buying the house, Cassandra also said that she saw the body of a woman drowning in the pool or a man by the fireplace. “I wasn’t drugged, and it wasn’t hallucinations,” said the previous owner.

“This was the first place I bought when I made some money in ’94,” The Lost City actor once told a publication. The owner revealed all the information about the paranormal activities, but we wonder what might have influenced Brad Pitt to buy the haunted mansion. Over time, the actor’s love for architecture and design has been evident. However, it seems like his fondness for the mansion outweighed any misgivings he may have had about ghosts.

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