Brad Pitt & Edward Norton's Drunk Scene In Fight Club Was Unscripted! Here’s How It Happened
Brad Pitt, Edward Norton Were Drunk On The Sets Of Fight Club & Here’s What The Director Did When He Caught Them Intoxicated! ( Photo Credit – Movie Still ; Wikimedia )

Some actors pretend to be drunk while filming an intoxicated scene, but others actually take to the bottle to ace the act – and even admit that they have done so. And falling in the latter category are Brad Pitt & Edward Norton. Yes, the Fight Club duo once got drunk while filming the 1999 film and below are all the details we have about it.

Fight Club is a 1999 American film adapted from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel. The film, directed by David Fincher, starred Pitt, Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter. While Edward plays the unnamed Narrator sick of his white-collar job, Brad essays the part of Tyler Durden, the Narrator’s alter ego.

Several films we love involve actors drunk on sets, either because of being intoxicated previously or because of the scene itself. While many actors can’t account for what happens when they are under the influence, what happens with others is sometimes documented and spoken about.

As per a Food & Wine report (via cheatsheet), Brad Pitt and Edward Norton got drunk while filming a scene for Fight Club. According to the report, during downtime on set, director David Fincher saw Pitt and Norton hitting golf balls, which went straight into the side of the catering truck. Reportedly this incident occurred after the duo had a few drinks together.

Taking advantage of the movement, David Fincher turned the camera toward Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and filmed their candid moments. The scene ended up as one of the most iconic in the film. While this unscripted moment was captured on camera, Fight Club apparently saw Pitt and Norton develop a ‘bromance’ as there was constant laughter on the set, and they trusted each other a lot – so much so that Brad allowed Norton to punch him.

Well, we have to say it was brilliant of director David Fincher to show fans these fun and candid off-screen moments of a drunk Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

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