BLACKPINK's Jisoo Only Took 500 Calories Per Day While Shooting For 'Flowers'? Here's How Fans Are Reacting
BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was On A Forced Diet While Shooting For ‘Flowers’? Here’s What We Know (Picture Credit: Instagram)

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular girl bands from South Korea, which is currently ruling over the music industry worldwide. The four girls from the group, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose, have garnered a lot of love and appreciation from their massive fanbase, who call themselves BLINKs. However, the members of BLACKPINK have separate lives as well. They all have either made solo albums or tried their hands in the acting industry.

Among the four, Jisoo has a separate fan base for featuring in the beautiful and soulful K-drama Snow Drop along with Jung Hae-in. Recently, she debuted with her solo album, ‘ME’, and broke all the records with the song, ‘Flowers’. However, did you know she was on a forced diet for that music video? Scroll ahead to check it out!

Ever since Jisoo’s music video, ‘Flowers’, hit the market, there were speculations and reports about the singer going into a strict diet to look thinner in the video. Once Jisoo made such a remark as well. In a Behind The Shoot video, on the second day of shooting, Jisoo can be heard saying, “There’s no time to eat because I’m shooting alone”, and while joking, she added that she’s on a “forced diet”, according to Kbizoom.

Now, a video clip on YouTube shared by KKrushk shared that she was on a forced diet to film the music video for ‘Flowers‘. Her management pressured Jisoo to lose weight, and she was only allowed to take 500 calories per day. Jisoo was exhausted and malnourished during the filming of the music video, and a large part of her fans were concerned about her health.

Check out the video clip here:

Now, her fans are reacting to it. One wrote, “Human bodies literally need at least 1000 calories a day to properly function wtf. there is no excuse for making someone eat only 500 calories a day especially when she has such a stressful and physically demanding job. this is why idols get sick, injured, etc. this is totally unacceptable. the management should not be allowed to force this and should also enforce a healthy diet for their idols making sure they get the recommended healthy amount of food and rest.”

Another fan commented, “That’s not okay, poor Jisoo, stay safe and healthy.”

One penned, “Jisoo doesn’t need to go on diet she’s perfect size and can be herself.”

Another comment can be read, “500 calories I’m surprised she didn’t end up in the hospital by the end of it.”

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