BLACKPINK Lisa’s Skincare Routine Revealed: Here's How The 'Lalisa' Singer Achieved The Everglowing Flawless Skin!
BLACKPINK Lisa’s Skincare Routine Revealed ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Apart from creating their own identity in the world’s pop music space, the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has been consistently ruling the beauty charts with their flawless, radiant and glass-like skin. Though the divas might be indeed blessed with good genes, one cannot underestimate the true power of a good skincare routine. And, BLACKPINK’S Lisa being one of Asia’s most beautiful women, is very particular about her skincare.

For the unversed, Lisa has gone under the knife to fix her nose, which was apparently flatter and larger before, and have done lip fillers to get a fuller and plumper lip. Now, keeping the diva’s fandom in mind, we have decoded Lisa’s skincare routine for all the BLACKPINK fans out there who aim to have flawless skin like their star.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s skincare routine is quite simple yet legendary as she doesn’t prefer to have a lengthy regime. To start with, Lisa is extremely fond of cleansing and it is a must for her. She follows the cleansing routine diligently to keep her skin free from blemishes.

Next comes hydration and as Lisa has a dry skin type, the singer opts for heavy hydration to keep her skin properly hydrated and completes the step with a proper moisturiser. Lisa has often suggested fans add a good serum to the skincare routine which helps the skin to prevent dryness. Lisa often uses liquid lift serums for her much-needed elevated appearance.

Lisa’s skincare also includes eye creams that contain replenishing and hydrating ingredients to get rid of puffiness and dark circles from sensitive under eye, keeping it healthy. Apart from these, Lisa also is fond of skin-enriching renewal oil which boosts hydration in skin and helps to remove wrinkles and fine lines, giving a smooth, young-looking skin.

Apart from all these, all the K-pop stars are extremely conscious about proper diet, drinking lots of water and leading a healthy lifestyle. So, now that Lisa’s skincare routine has been revealed, are you all set to implement these in your routine? Do let us know.

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