Ben Affleck’s Batman Was Very Much Part Of Jason Momoa’s 2018 Aquaman Reveals Rare Five Year Old Concept Art
Ben Affleck’s Batman Was Very Much Part Of Jason Momoa’s 2018 Aquaman Reveals Rare Five Year Old Concept Art ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Jason Momoa starrer 2018 Aquaman proved to be a profitable venture for DCEU, but a new update has left us wondering if it would have been the same case if there were other superhero appearances in the movie. Well, according to new reports, it has been revealed that Ben Affleck’s Batman was supposed to make a cameo appearance in Momoa’s Aquaman but the idea was later dropped by the makers. Scroll down to know the details.

A new concept art revealed by concept artist Ed Natividad shared that Ben Affleck’s Batman was very much part of Aquaman. The new update left the fans stunned on the Internet. For the unversed, Batman was also supposed to be part of Aquaman’s sequel called Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom but was dropped from here too. The sequel releases on December 20, 2023.

According to Screen Rant, Ed Natividad’s never-before-seen concept reveals Batman operating his massive Knightcrawler vehicle in the middle of a chaotic street showing up alongside the DCEU Justice League during a battle against Ocean Master. In one of the earlier drafts of Aquaman, Ocean Master and the three kingdoms would have fought inside a city. The idea of Batman and Justice League was then scrapped by the makers, ultimately proving it beneficial for Aquaman. For the unversed, this concept art comes five years after Aquaman’s release.

Take a look:

As Ben Affleck’s Batman concept art is out, it makes us wonder if it was right to scrap Batman and Justice League from Aquaman. It looks like it was indeed a wiser decision not to include them. For first, it was Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman’s first solo movie and including the Justice League heroes would have overshadowed him.

One must also note that Jason Momo’s Aquaman was released after Justice League in 2017, with the latter courting controversies due to its reshoots eventually proving to be a dud at the box office. Warner Bros were clever about not taking that risk with Aquaman.

It also looks like Warner Bros thought the same about Aquaman’s sequel- the reason why they scrapped Batman from here too. Speaking of cameos, Jason Momoa’s last guest appearance came in The Flash in a post-credits scene.

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