When Aquaman's Director Revealed Jason Momoa Was Quite Uncomfortable While Shooting The Fake Underwater Scene
Jason Momoa Had Quite An Unpleasant Experience While Shooting Fake Underwater Scenes Of Aquaman ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Jason Momoa is one of the most adored Hollywood stars and enjoys a massive fan following. The A-lister rose to fame after his phenomenal performance in the DC universe as Aquaman. Jason, who has given many notable performances, had a very tough time while Aquaman’s fake underwater scenes. Today, we bring to you a throwback to when the director of the film opened up about the difficult scenes and revealed how shooting them was an unpleasant experience for Jason. Scroll below to read the scoop!

Jason received a lot of appreciation for his performance as Aquaman, however, shooting the impactful underwater scene was quite a painful experience for the actor. Once, the director recalled Momoa and other actors had to wear quite uncomfortable rigs and harnesses to replicate underwater movement.

During an interaction with The USA Today, the director of Aquaman, James Wan, once revealed how shooting underwater scenes were quite difficult for Jason Momoa and other actors in the film. He said, “Jason wasn’t the biggest fan of the swimming rig we had to put him in. It’s not the most comfortable rig for actors. It puts a lot of pressure around the crotch. So for someone like Momoa, who is more than 200 pounds, it’s not the most pleasant experience.”

Talking about the situation, James Wan continued how Jason used to tell him that he might not have kids after this. He added, “If they are floating around and talking to each other, they have to be harnessed into these rigs. It was a necessity for the film. Jason would say to me, ‘James, I don’t think I’ll be having more kids anytime soon.”

For the unversed, for the many underwater scenes of the film, wire work was done with the blue screen behind them, and CGI was later added to it to make it look like they were shot in water.

Well, the scenes were quite painful for the actors, including Jason Momoa. However, the visual results of Aquaman paid off as the underwater scenes looked real.

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