Aquaman 2 Cast Salary: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard & More!
Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Cast Salary! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is less than a month away from its theatrical release. The film, directed by James Wan, stars Jason Momoa in the leading role. Patrick Wilson will be replacing Amber Heard as the second lead. What is the cast salary of Aquaman 2 stars? Scroll below for all the exciting details!

Despite delivering a billion-dollar affair with the first installment, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom isn’t currently in the best space. The film has suffered a lot owing to the negativity around it. It all began with Amber Heard losing the defamation trial against Johnny Depp after which petitions with millions of signatures demanding her removal were signed. Ever since, there have been rumors about the reduction of her role, reshoots, and much more that have caused negative publicity around the film.

Aquaman 2 budget

The future of Aquaman 2 at the box office looks a little blur. As per several reports, the film has witnessed a significant decline and is far from the opening numbers of its predecessor. DCEU film is made on a whopping $205 million budget, but there isn’t a major splurge on its star cast.

Jason Momoa is earning double the salary for Aquaman 2
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

As per several reports, Jason Momoa negotiated his salary after Aquaman’s massive success. His salary has now doubled from previous earnings of $7.5 million. This means the leading actor who plays Arthur Curry will now be taking home $15 million.

It is to be noted that Jason is the highest-paid member of the Aquaman 2 cast, and the difference between his and other members’ salaries is also huge!

How much is Amber Heard earning for Aquaman 2?
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Amber Heard, who played the leading lady in the first installment, has been missing from promotional videos of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. If the rumor mill is to be believed, her role has been reduced; action sequences have been cut owing to the negativity around her high-profile battle with Johnny Depp. There is no increase in her paycheck, and she will take home $2 million, as she did for the first film.

Nicole Kidman’s salary for Aquaman sequel
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Nicole Kidman won hearts with her portrayal as Atlanna, Arthur and Orm’s mother, and the former queen of Atlantis. She is the second highest-paid member of Aquaman 2 cast with earnings of $5 million.

Patrick Wilson’s salary for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
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Patrick Wilson plays the role of Orm Marius / Ocean Master, Arthur Curry’s Atlantean half-brother, and the former king of Atlantis. He will be seen fighting the villain Manta alongside Aquaman. The actor has earned a total sum of $2 million, same as Amber Heard.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s salary for Aquaman 2
( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will be seen in a meaty role in Aquaman 2 as David Kane / Black Manta. He’s being paid a staggering sum of $750K for his ruthless portrayal.

Other Aquaman 2 star cast salary

Dolph Lundgren as Nereus, the king of Xebel and Mera’s father, is also reprising his role in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. He’s reportedly been paid $500K for his DCEU role.

Randall Park (Dr. Stephen Shin) and Temuera Morrison (Tom Curry) are reportedly charging $300K and $200K, respectively.

Aquaman 2 is slated for worldwide release on December 1, 2023.

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