Amber Heard’s Involvement In Aquaman 2 Might Be Reduced If Needed?
Warner Bros Takes Precautionary Measures Referring To Amber Heard’s Controversy?

Amber Heard is one of the most hated celebrities on the internet as we speak. The brunt of the heat also reached her big project Aquaman 2, of which she continues to be a part. As per the latest buzz, Warner Bros after staying unaffected for months by the backlash referring to Heard, have finally decided to take necessary precautions. It is being said that the studio is now writing the sequel in a way that they could reduce Amber’s part if need be in the future. There is also a possibility of a second female lead, and below is all you need to know about the same.

If you are new to the party, it all began recently when Johnny Depp lost the Libel suit against a tabloid that labelled him a wife-beater. Things took a turn for worse, and he had to walk out of Fantastic Beast 3 owing to the controversy. Later fans of the actor lashed out at Amber, and said she is as guilty as the Pirates actor is. There was a worldwide hate ball thrown towards the actor who seemed to be unhurt by the same.



For weeks Warner Bros stand of not removing Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 has been getting a mixed response. Now if insider Grace Randolph is to go by, the studio has finally felt the heat and are taking steps for possible disaster management. As per, the studio is planning to rope in a second female lead for the movie.

This as per Grace is a step to divide the spotlight. They also plan to write the story in such a way that Amber Heard’s involvement could be reduces if the times demand. Grace on her official Twitter handle wrote, “Some holiday tea! #JodieComer has met w/ both #Marvel & #DC for roles (#Aquaman2 & #Flashpoint) off #FreeGuy buzz. #JodieComeran wants new Aquaman female lead to be Asian actress. Also #JJAbrams meeting w/ writers re #Superman, but no word if keeping #HenryCavill just yet.”

She added that Amber Heard still remains a part of the project. “Some of you are asking re Amber Heard – as I told you before, they are bringing on this new female lead to balance things out, and writing the script so that Heard’s role can be cut down if needed. But as of right now she’s still in #Aquaman2,” Randolph wrote.

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